Portfolio Management

for Institutions

Our client roster represents a variety of institutional clients, including Taft-Hartley Plans, public funds, endowments, foundations and corporate pension plans.


Portfolio management services are offered in Large Cap Core Equity, Large Cap Growth Equity, Large Cap Value Equity and Alternative Fixed Income.

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Return Profile Management

Dearborn Partners offers a customized absolute return fixed income strategy called Return Profile Management (RPM). Utilizing only treasury securities, RPM seeks to produce a positive return over specific time periods regardless of the directional move in interest rates. By dynamically managing the duration of the portfolio, RPM can produce positive results in both rising and falling interest rate environments.

Target Maturity Strategies

Dearborn Partners can design a fixed income portfolio that will fulfill the specific cash needs of clients. By constructing a bond portfolio that produces the desired cash flows on specific future date, our clients are able to effective immunize their portfolio against the impact of changing interest rates. Applications inculde defeasing future liabilities or funding known future payments. The securities utilized to build these portfolios may include treasury, agency, corporate and municipal debt instruments.

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Institutional Client Service

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Institutional Client Service

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